Games and Leisure – Runner-Up 2019

Teardrop Trailer

from Gnome Homes

Made in Sherwood Park

$13,700 to $26,000  @gnomehomesinc

Gnome Homes Teardrop Trailers are a meticulously designed and crafted middle ground between tossing and turning on the forest floor and luxury RV lodging. The sleek aluminum exterior of these handcrafted trailers holds a vintage charm that belies all the modern conveniences they contain.

At just five feet high, the trailers are compact while offering surprising storage space in their handcrafted Baltic birch cabinetry hidden in the back end and interior (the Yukon model can be upgraded to maple or cherry cabinetry). Gnome Homes Teardrop Trailers are able to navigate beyond the backwoods limitations of other trailers and allow you to skip the setup, leaving you to focus on truly enjoying the outdoors.

Photograph: Jared Sych   |   Writer: Nathan Kunz

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