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Performing Stool

by Natural Collection

Made in Calgary



Part-time musician and full-time woodworker Caleb Blake launched Natural Collection in 2019 in response to what he saw as an underserved market in the area of stylish and functional options for displaying musical instruments. With ample experience in woodworking and an eye for design, Blake has spent the last 15 years making custom creations, including a stool for himself that would prove the inspiration for the Natural Collection performing stool.

Natural Collection is a line of high-end instrument display stands, and its performing stool incorporates both a space to play and a space to display an instrument not in use. “I wanted something that was a fusion of fine furniture and music,” says Blake. “Something that was both functional and yet beautiful. But there was nothing out there. In most cases people will sit on whatever’s handy.”

Fashioned from walnut and ash hardwood with cork fabric guitar protectors on the stand, every piece of the performing stool is handcrafted for a sinuous architectural feel. Featuring a sculpted seat, lower lumbar back support, and a cross member to support your foot, the stand is available in 26- and 29-inch options.

Designed specifically for the guitar, it also can accommodate a variety of other stringed instruments, such as the banjo. And even if you don’t play guitar, this integrated instrument stand is a beautiful objet in any space.

“It’s much more than just a guitar stand,” says Blake. “It’s a piece of art.”

Photograph: Jared Sych   |   Writer: Karen Ashbee

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Proudly made in Alberta.

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