BEAUTY – Winner 2021

Love Body Potion

by The Potion Masters

Made in Calgary


The Potions Masters make each of their potions by first setting an intention for use — and when they make the Love Body Potion, they listen to R&B. “You have to have a Love Potion when you have a line of potions,” says creator Sylvan Daniels, who runs the company with her mother.

They call the product a “potion” because it’s not a perfume, a serum or a moisturizer — it’s all three. The potion can be used as an in-shower moisturizer, as a bath oil, as a shaving serum, as a massage oil, as a hand cream or even on hair.

Daniels says because the product is water-free, all-natural and rich in ceramides, you only need to use a small amount to see big results. The Love Body Potion is the only Potion Masters product in the range that is packaged in plastic to allow for use in the tub, however, the packaging is made from 100 per cent post-consumer materials and is recyclable.

The Love Body Potion was meant to debut along with The Potion Masters’ launch, but Daniels, a perfectionist, spent about an extra year tweaking the formula. After hundreds of test batches, she finally found the right mix. The woodsy, floral and fresh scent includes notes of rose, sandalwood, cardamom, bergamot and more.

“When I came up with what ended up being the final blend, it was something I had never smelled before,” she says. “I put my wrist up to my husband’s nose and he just grabbed my arm and wouldn’t let go.” Other scents by The Potion Masters include Paradise, Joy and Energy.


Photograph: Jared Sych   |   Writer: Colin Gallant

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Proudly made in Alberta.

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