unique – Runner-Up 2021

Jem Pipes 

by Jewelnotes Glassworks

Made in Calgary

$100 to $150


Most glass pipes are hollow but this stylish model by Made in Alberta Awards alum Michelle Atkinson is made from a solid piece of cast glass. The kiln-fired pieces have a heft and durability that seems unlikely from a glass product. End-to-end, it takes Atkinson about five days to make one slab, which is then cut into seven pipes.

Photograph: Jared Sych  |   Writer: Colin Gallant

Made in Alberta Awards

The Made in Alberta Awards celebrate great Alberta products, businesses and ingenuity. By highlighting Alberta-made products through a variety of channels, including digital, in print and in person, the Made in Alberta Awards program supports and promotes local businesses and encourages people to shop local.

Proudly made in Alberta.

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